We went another seven miles south from El Juncalito, to a village, mostly populated by local fisherman, which also included two houses on top of hills and two major land purchases by people planning to develop projects in the near future.  One piece Martine showed me, currently available, was two hectares (around 5 acres) on the side of a hill and running down to the beach, which will always be owned by the government.   An American owns it and is selling for 1.5 million dollars, cash.  There is room on this property for a small hotel and up to ten houses, all with incredible views and access to the beach.

On top of 2 Hectare Property

road leading up to property

view down back into village

Property encompasses everything on both sides running down to water except the beach itself -a sunny day photographs much better.

Beach - Truck for size perspective - Sand was reduced by recent weather - comes back with time.

Martine pointing up hill toward house and property line on left side.

House from Beach

Finally, an hour before I left, I went on a last foray toLigui,  on a tip that there was another house, by itself on a hill.  Somehow, I found it and it's owner, who said he might consider selling it.  He drove me up to see it, sitting alone on a hilltop, with another incredible view.

road to house on distant hill -white speck is house

Ven and Pat's  House - Maybe, someday,  I can buy this house.


The view - finally, a little sunshine to show you what it looks like with sun.  The fishing out there is incredible. All the land surround this house has been purchased for development.

OK, that is it....phew!  What a lot of work that was to put together!  Now, I have to make it happen down there.  Are u interested?

Let me know!