July 6, 2020 Aspen, Colorado

After approximately 9 Months in Mobile and Dauphin Island, with a wonderful lady, Tanya, my desire to travel became undeniable. Unfortunately, Tanya’s responsibilities precluded her from joining me. While in Alabama, I was able to catch up on some deferred maintenance, physically, (including two new metal hips) and for my RV, Bertie, (a 1998 Dodge Roadtrek 190 Popular. .)

I also did a few paintings, while there, of Tanya, her dogs, and the views from her beautiful Dauphin Island home:

and a portrait of my friend from Rome, Fabio Visca:

(I, also, was kept quite busy doing various home maintenance and improvement projects on Tanya’s homes and helping close a 4000sf Home Décor business.)

After an emotional goodbye, I got in Bertie and drove, first to Springfield, Missouri

and then to Aspen, where I am currently. Here is my ebike on the streets in front of Aspen Mountain and the view from my camper, parked at my friend, Jeffrey Shoaf’s:

I will see what is next from here. I am currently enjoying the cool mountain weather, old friends (Long personal history here, including 40 years of skiing), and many forms of exercise including hiking and my beloved Pickleball. Very grateful for my life. Sad about the state of affairs in the United States, including the Corona Virus (I am being very careful, wearing masks and social distancing), the economy and the racial injustices that have plagued our country for many years. I am hopeful for the future.