July 6, 2020 Aspen, Colorado

After approximately 9 Months in Mobile and Dauphin Island, with a wonderful lady, Tanya, my desire to travel became undeniable. Unfortunately, Tanya’s responsibilities precluded her from joining me. While in Alabama, I was able to catch up on some deferred maintenance, physically, (including two new metal hips) and for my RV, Bertie, (a 1998 Dodge

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April 1st, 2020

Dauphin Island, Alabama.  A lot has happened since, I arrived.  Like the rest of you, I am rather in shock.  On the personal front, Tanya is still putting up with me (lol) and we are hoping to weather the Covid 19 Situation here, based in her house, isolating, as much as possible.  Like the rest

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November, 2019

I have not really journaled a great deal but may try to keep an update of my path here. As of this writing, November of 2019, there has been a sea change in my existence. Prior to this writing and besides Art, travel has been one of the main themes of my life. When I

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