April 1st, 2020

Dauphin Island, Alabama.  A lot has happened since, I arrived.  Like the rest of you, I am rather in shock.  On the personal front, Tanya is still putting up with me (lol) and we are hoping to weather the Covid 19 Situation here, based in her house, isolating, as much as possible.  Like the rest of you, we have no idea, what the future holds. We are very grateful to have a place and the resources to do it. We are very fortunate to have each other during this time.  Tanya’s Mother passed on Dec. 13th and that was very difficult.  Just prior, we closed her interior décor store.  Having downsized and simplified my own life, long ago, and with no children for either of us, our situation is not that complicated to deal with.  On Dec 23rd, I had my left hip replaced and on March 4th, I had the second one.  I believe the recovery will be complete before we get out of this Covid 19 Crisis, if we do get out.  I have done a few local paintings of Tanya, her family and her dogs but have not been able to focus on it, recently.

To all of you out there, who may read this, I send you  love, prayers, strength, patience and luck. I miss my friends around the world, the ability to travel, indiscriminately and safely and wonder if we will be able to meet, again, one day.  It is one day at a time, for now. Take care!