November, 2019

I have not really journaled a great deal but may try to keep an update of my path here.

As of this writing, November of 2019, there has been a sea change in my existence. Prior to this writing and besides Art, travel has been one of the main themes of my life.

When I was just out of college, I observed the difficulty older folks had traveling. I saw them struggling, both physically and psychologically. The rigors of travel and adventure seemed to me to be better suited for youth. So, I decided to travel while I was young and fit and mentally flexible.

Flash forward to last summer, while traveling (on a housesit for another artist, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). I began to experience the health difficulties, I had observed in those retired travelers. My hips were beginning to fail. I could no longer play the sports, I enjoyed, and it was even difficult to walk any significant distance. I had other issues health wise, I won’t mention.

In addition, the travel, which I had so dearly enjoyed for so many years, alone, seemed to have lost it’s “color.” Something was missing. I had been traveling alone for many years and always met people. I began to think, maybe I had completed my mission.

I began to visualize. What now? The final chapter. How best to live out my life. Warm climate, a nice partner, friends, my art, somewhere not to busy and large. Certainly not, Southern California where, I had my base for so many years. Maybe, near some water and probably in the U.S.

How about Alabama. Never been. I had been communicating with a woman there, who I had met in NYC, 35 years prior. She was recently divorced. We seemed to have some things in common, so I decided to come check it out.

As of today, it has been two months, and we are going strong. From LA to LA. They call this LA for Lower Alabama. It is quite different and almost like a foreign country but I like it. My lady has a beautiful home on Dauphin Island and we are forging a new existence, together. I intend to begin painting here, very soon.

Here is the view from the Dauphin Island at sunrise.